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Web and Mobile innovation platforms

- Aim to disrupt, at scale

Our innovation ventures


Orange Cabs App

An on-demand taxi-hailing App that launched, started growing rapidly, but ran out of airtime due to lack of growth capital.

This business model has well known challenges in South Africa, and globally 


Native Dialogues

An innovative digital publishing platform for African writers to share their untold stories with the world.

The platform is in beta and will soon be fully launched to provide the best avenue for African stories to go global


Gaolo Food App

An on-demand food delivery App concept that launched and quickly ran out of runway!

An innovation-led initiative that still has massive potential waiting to be realised, with sufficient seed capital.

Disruptive technology practice

Startups is what we do, and scale is what we are about


Our technology expertise and extensive experience across the engineering, telecoms and ICT sectors provide deep insights and unique perspectives about disruptive technology opportunities in virtually every industry and sector.

We are engineerings, software developers, MBAs and street-accredited entrepreneurs and technology evangelists with both corporate and on-the-ground entrepreneurial experience.

If you a disruptive technology innovation or business idea you want to take to market, we are probably the best people you'd want to talk to and have as your development and commercialisation team. Think of as the "start-up-as-a-service" guys. This is what we do!

Concept development & testing


Rapid prototyping and market testing


Lean business modelling


Fund raising and investors


Product launch and growth hacking


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